Marc Mitchell Berlow

Profile Updated: December 21, 2010
Marc Mitchell Berlow
Residing In: Prospect Heights, IL USA
Spouse/Partner: Susan Berlow
Occupation: Commercial Photographer
Children: Isaac Daniel Born September 1988
Alex Michael Born August 1992
Yes! Attending Reunion

After school, I became a photographer's assistant for eight years, and turned pro in 1982. I have traveled to over forty five of the fifty states with my work. I have photographed over 1000 magazine covers for various industrial magazines.
I married my wife Susan in July 1986. My sons came along soon after that, and I found my life completely changed. Susie and I had a very loving and wonderful marriage, and I love being a father, and I have a wonderful relationship with both of my son's. This has helped tremendously. Susan came down with Cancer two years ago, and I became her main caregiver. A roll I never thought I could do. After many treatments and one major operation, Susie, became terminal, and then passed away October 31. My son's and I were there at her side when she passed, and while I can' t put into words the grief and the sorrow, My relationship with both of them has been tempered into a very strong bond. My work has been my catharsis and allows me continue through my grieving. Having my son's with me is a great comfort, and while we are going through this together, I have come to understand the meaning of Family, more than can ever be expressed with simple words.

School Story:

New Trier is where I learned my love for photography. I hated school for the most part, but I loved photography class with David Currie. (DC!) I became a yearbook photographer, and I found that going out on an "assignment" was something that I loved to do. I couldn't wait for any excuse to shoot, and I soon learned that I could do this professionally. I was able to go to many of the basketball and football games, and enjoy the games, as I shot them.
Most of the classes, were fairly boring, But I did enjoyed some of the teachers, Like Mr. Lair, who while he taught English, (A subject I still struggle with) he brought a lot of wit and intelligence to the classroom. I remember once he asked me what I thought of the "student Body" of the school. I answered that I was really only concerned with my OWN student body and could care less about any others. I developed five good friends, that I still have to this day. All have been at my wedding and at all the other events in my life. Jeremy Marks, Ira Kessler, Loren Gold, Mike Kotzin, and Ron Pomerantz. All I met at West, and have been with me through good times and bad. I learned a lot about women at school. Both good and bad. I also learned about crushes, kissing and lust! Its a good thing that they were all extra curricular activities!

The interesting thing about the human brain, is if your memory is intact it knows no way of aging. While I can't remember a lot of what happened at New Trier, I feel like it was only a few years ago that I graduated and not 40 years! As far as Military service, It was the toward the end of Viet Nam, and my draft number was 100! If I had been drafted I am sure I would not have survived this war. I am not a soldier by any means, and while I would have been proud to wear the uniform, I don't think I would have made it out of such a mess! I was lucky that Henry Kissinger made peace and Nixon called off the draft! I will always appreciate Nixon for that!

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