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Marc Lee Hauser

Marc Lee Hauser

Obituary Link:
Date Of Birth: 9-1952
Date Deceased: 12-30-2018
Age at Death: 66
Cause of Death: Long term illness complications diabetes and kidney disease
Classmate City: Chicago

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07/05/19 10:33 AM #1    

Karen-Marie Immenhausen

From my FB page 1/7/19 

At 12 you think life will go on forever...

I was 12 and Marc was 13 when Marc got his first camera. We were 8th graders at Avoca School in Wilmette. Marc’s two best friends were Bob G.  (whose father was a jeweler in the city) and Chuck N. (whose father played in a band at the Playboy Club in the city). Marc was a dreamer. We sat for hours unend on my front porch steps talking about this and that many an afternoon. He had to walk/ bike  more than  two miles to come say hi, as we kids did in the 60’s, his camera became a part of the kid. 

As a young man, Marc drew on all the components of his environment— listening, observing others, and reaching out to help where he saw a need with a kind smile. We had a science teacher named Tom Fritts*, who took us on field trips into nature and Marc wanted to capture it, so in the Spring of 1967 he was gifted with a Brownie camera. He shot black and white film walking about Woodley Estates saying - did you see that ??? Pointing to trees others would just walk by- or taking the train to the Playboy Club and shooting Chuck’s fathers band- ( Marc loved a good sax 🎷 and Jazz) ... or just us sitting in someone’s rec room at band practice. His excitement about developing the film drew great anticipation as he honed his craft supported by his parents. 

We Avoca kids were inseparable in 1967 and had so much hope for the future,  but were not unaffected by the war and contemplated thought that summer. After Avoca,  Marc, Chuck, and Bob went to New Trier West. I went to New Trier East because I lived in the other side of town, but Marc often came to see my mom who was on the faculty at NT over the next few years in her office to chat so I got the news. My mom, now 95 says “he was one of a kind” - that he was. 

With no Facebook and life’s journey I lost track of my friend when I moved out of state in 1971- until one day I was back in IL and drove by the giant MJ billboard. Marc captured MJ’s smiling eyes just as he had ours and went on to be photographer to the stars. We reconnected and the very cool thing was he was still the same free spirited, compassionate, complex, yet simple man. He was a communicator and a storyteller. Marc treasured all the people in his world 

Marc was influenced by his youthful lens of making jewelry, music, photography and our trips to the city on the el. He was always learning and observing. I am awestruck by his gift of composition and his varied collection; however, my favorite pictures are the ones we took and I still have from 1967 - - but next are the pictures Marc took as a gift to those who are less fortunate or ill and could not afford his talent. The man had a huge heart. The child I knew in 1967 who shared his dreams, and passionately embraced a diverse world, was indeed a diamond in the rough. A vision of the words community partner. 

To honor Marc, and his child within, we can all slow down and be more observant. Seek to see through our own lens what others may not see. Be a storyteller, in whatever way you are able. And live life to its fullest. 

I think I last spoke to Marc on my birthday, but I can safely say he knew he was loved and felt the embrace of the International Community. I’m enjoying your reflections. More recently with the advancement of health struggles, he would message “Hi Karen.” No more. Just letting me know I was a guest in thought. I’ll miss that.  I know y’all will too,  but his images will send his message.

There is a new star in the sky reminding us to expect the unexpected and listen to the silence. It speaks louder than words. How lucky I am to have had the lifelong friendship of such an empowering spirit. Marc Hauser ( PC:1971 NTW yearbook; Marc at home in the mid 70’s and 1967 graduation from Avoca a portrait taken on that brand new Brownie ) 

07/05/19 10:34 AM #2    

Karen-Marie Immenhausen

07/05/19 10:37 AM #3    

Karen-Marie Immenhausen

09/05/19 12:41 AM #4    

Linda Schneider (Schneider Linda)

Whenever I hear the song "If I Were A Rich Man," I still think about Marc performing it in 8th grade at Avoca School at a music concert. He was amazing! And I remember him taking a funky, kind of moody photo of the yearbook staff our senior year in high school. I still have it. He was filled with talent. I was so sorry to learn of his passing.

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